01.04 Block aperture door

Block aperture door

The block aperture door covers reveals elegantly and harmoniously – besides certified fire protection security, an innovative block aperture door made out of wood.

Technical data
Type: Block aperture door (1-/2piece with enclosure)(101/113)
Material: Frame local solid wood, enclosure MDF, door leaf sandwich construction
Fire protected values: EI30
No. blades: 1/2 wing of the door
Wall types: Masonry / light-weight wall
Element intensity: frame 45/65mm, depth of … variable, door leaf 50/65mm
Noise protected values: Rw = 30/35/42dB (laboratory value)
Surfaces: Raw, grounded for coating, sprayed (RAL/NCS), veneered, KH reserved, glazed with alu
Options: Security-/Panic fittings, Amoklösungen, burglary protection RC2/RC3, skirting protection frame, edge protection profile, climate execution, opposite opening, glass insert 1.73m2, porthole
Frame clear dimensions: 1 wing of the door  L 1495 x H 3165mm (No.-AEAI 21861/27592)

1 wing of the door L 1300 x H 2752mm  with glass insert  Amax 2.4m2 (No.-AEAI 24505)
2 wings of the door L 2875 x H 3165mm (No.-AEAI 22373)